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Nominations Process

Advisory Group Members are selected using a democratic and thoughtful process. Here are the basic steps the Gulf Coast Fund follows when selecting new leaders to join the Advisory Group.

  1. Current Fund Advisors identify positions to be filled based on representation needs related to geography, gender, skill, race, experience, issue area, and more.
  2. Nominations RFP is shared far and wide and a deadline for submission is set. Anyone can submit recommendations for candidates.
  3. Once nominations are collected, the entire Advisory Group is invited to share comments with or participate on a call of the Governance Committee.
  4. The Governance Committee convenes, reviews nominations, and selects a slate of nominees to be interviewed by two GCF representatives.
  5. Once interviews are complete, the Governance Committee reconvenes to recommend a final slate of nominees for approval by the Advisory Group.

Think you know someone who would make a great leader on the GCF Advisory Board? Let us know This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it