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Commitment to Environmental Justice and Community Empowerment
portersvillerevivalgroup.org/  | (251) 377-4383 | This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Portersville Revival Group's response to the BP Oil Drilling Disaster:
Geographic Area:
• Coden, AL
Impact Scope:
• Rural, local
Issue Areas:
• Environmental Justice & Advocacy
• Just and Sustainable Redevelopment
• 1998
• Local creole, Cre-asian, Asian, and African American populations
Staff Structure:
• 20 volunteers, no paid staff
Key Partners:
• Mobile Baykeeper (GCF Grantee)
• gulf Restoration Network (GCF Grantee)
• Advocated for Environmental Human Rights (GCF Grantee)
• Lawyers' Committee for Civic Rights Under Law
Project Mission & Goals:
• To address social justice, ecological health and movement building within this historically disenfranchised Asian, African American and Creole community.
• To advance education and awareness of the unique culture, environment and history for the Coden community.
Organizational Activities:
• Provide legal information and referral services to the Creole, Cre-Asian, and Asian communities of rural Alabama to organize residents and ensure citizens have a voice in government and agency decisions.
• Organized and informed the local community and reached out to regional partners to oppose a proposed sewage processing facility that would a) not be required to offer sewerage services to the neighboring community and b)
present significant threat to the health of the local fishery, a major source of income and livelihood for the local community
• Fought for and were granted a public hearing.
• Empowered traditionally overlooked communities to speak up and unite against environmental injustice.
Next Steps:
• Continue to defend our citizen's rights to input in the decision of the placement of this wastewater treatment plant and their right to access the sewer facilities.
Fiscal Sponsor:
• N/A

“The Gulf Coast Fund and Advisors made it possible for all to have the privilege of a public hearing. The voice of the people was heard. It was with great pleasure that I listened as my neighbors weighed in on this important matter that will have tremendous impact upon their environment for generations to come. So many times in the past, they have lacked the opportunity to speak and decisions were made by federal and state agencies without their input. Another factor was the realization that we are not alone in this struggle. The Gulf Coast Advisors and Funders have created a network of those who truly believe that all in our society can be included and have the right to inclusion. The experience provided in New Orleans and meeting others similarly situated, highlighted the need for the citizen's of our area to speak up, both form their perspective and that of agencies making such important decisions about the future of the Gulf South in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. This realization brought empowerment.”

-- Barbara Reid, President